January 14, 2011

Beer and Bacon Happy Hour was a bust!

One word to describe Bad Decisions last night would be CHAOS!. We arrived at 5:30 and the place was shoulder to shoulder. In the hour and a half that we were there we only managed to get 2 drinks. The bar staff was completely overwhelmed with the crowed. I wouldn't necessarily say that they were understaffed but they defiantly were not used to having that many people to serve at the bar. People waited upwards of 20 minutes to get a drink. CRAZY! I had two bacon themed drinks, the Habanero Mojito and the Pineapple Maple Bacon Margarita. The Habanero Mojito had lime, mint, 1 habanero pepper and a slice of bacon crumbled in it. What a great combination and the bacon remained crisp through the entire drink! I loved it. The Margarita on the other hand had a bacon puree shaken into it. Drinking the drink you tasted the pineapple but the aftertaste was all bacon. We didn't have the chance to enjoy the food but what we saw coming out to other patrons looked delicious.
Apple Bacon martini
Dark Chocolate Cup Cakes with Bacon
GBLT - Guacamole Bacon Lettuce and Tomato
Sauteed Brussel Sprouts in Bacon and Shallots
Mussels and Bacon on Toast
The Bacon Cuban
These are just a few that I recall from last night.
Would we go back? Yes. Is it going to be any time soon? No. We are going to wait until warmer weather and hopefully all the buzz will have died down by then.

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  1. I would like the Avocado BLT but I'm not sure about the bacon drinks. It sounds too weird for me.