February 8, 2011

Canvas Growth Chart

So I am taking a break from cooking posts to share my latest craft adventure.

As a  kid my grandparents always made the height mark of the grandchildren on the wall. Well, when their home was sold in 2001 there was no way to take that part of my childhood with me unless I ripped off the door frame to one of the bedrooms and that was not going to happen.

Here are the instructions for a light weight canvas growth chart that can go anywhere.

1 - 5 ft x 15in piece of canvas or other heavy material (I used Duck Canvas)* This can be purchased in a variety of colors or a neutral color can be painted.
1 Dowel and Dowel Ends
Embellishments of your choice for decorating
Paint pens
Cloth tape measure (optional)*this can be glued to the canvas if you don't want to draw the measurement lines
Cloth glue/tape

Total cost: $30.00

The first thing I did was glue the edges. I folded over about a 1/2 inch on each side and attached it with fabric glue. I did the same for the bottom. I then folded about 3 inches of the top of the canvas over to create a fold that I could slide my dowel through. Using the cloth glue/tape I applied it to the edge of the fold to secure the fold.

While the fabric glue was drying I painted my wooden letters. This was the most time consuming.

While they were drying I covered my dowel in a ribbon attached with the fabric glue. Once dry I attached one dowel end with hot glue and slid it through my fold on the top of the canvas. I then attached the second dowel end and tied ribbon to each end for hanging.

Once that was done I gathered all of my embellishments and began to lay them out. It's important to do this, I ended up moving things around several times.

I attached a ribbon with the fabric glue to make my measuring tape. I started mine at 2ft. The tape measure could also be made by using fabric paint or attaching a cloth tape measure. All in all pretty simple.

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