March 8, 2011

Diaper Cake

I am making a diaper cake for a coworker of my mother in-law. I always enjoy putting one of these together and there are so many different options of what you can do.

You will need around 100 - 120 size 2 diapers depending on how large you want your cake to be. I have used size 1 and size 3 and size 2 just seems to work the best. All white diapers (Pampers Swaddlers) are the best if you don't plan on completely covering them with something.

For the center I use a large bottle of powder for the base and with this one I also used a container of pacifiers. Use a little dab of hot glue to attach them to each other (the mom to be can peel it right off).

Place a large rubber band around the bottle of powder and begin rolling your diapers from the waist to the bottom. I try to roll 3 at a time. You want them to be tight as they will unroll slightly until you get them all packed in there. Once you have made one complete circle add another larger rubber band and begin rolling for the second row. Repeat for each tier, removing the inner rubber bands as you go if you wish. For this cake the bottom layer is 3 rows, middle layer 2 rows and top layer is 1 row with a little padding of about 3 or 4 diapers to even out the shape of the pacifier holder that is in the center.

Once you have your layers complete you can start adding your ribbon. Attach you ribbon using small dots of hot glue or a push pin. Choose something cute as a topper and decorate the outside of the cake with baby items.

If you are going to transport the cake wrapped then there is no need for a base but if you plan on moving it as is it's a good idea to attach a cardboard base. To do this is usually buy a foam craft board and cut it into a circle. Cover it with baby wrapping paper or tissue paper and attach it to the cake buy hot gluing it to the bottle of powder that is in the center.

The diaper cake was made by wrapping the layers in receiving blankets.

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